What Can You Use Car Roof Racks For?

The pursuit of lighter and smaller has reached the point that many new vehicles no longer include a spare tire. What does this have to do with roof racks? The increasingly smaller cargo capacities of new vehicles made in the 21st century are creating a problem for those who like to use their vehicles for long trips or hauling larger items. 

A roof rack is a lighter, smaller, and more affordable option than a towing package. You can install one yourself or pay a nominal sum to have experienced and certified technicians install one. Car roof racks are very useful for long hauls or summer camping excursions, but you need to know your options. Let's take a closer look at some of the types available.

Roof Boxes

Car roof racks don't protect loose luggage. Your luggage needs to be secured and protected against the outdoor elements to keep it safe and secure. Wind, weather, and bird droppings are just a few of the many potential dangers that could affect luggage that you place on the rooftop. You also need a way to latch that luggage to keep it in place while traveling at highway speeds.

The best way to protect your luggage is to install roof boxes that you can secure to the rack. You can place your luggage inside the roof boxes and protect them against the weather. Roof boxes are also a good theft deterrent. It only takes seconds for someone to cut a tie-down strap and remove your luggage while you are checking into a hotel, refueling at a gas station, or dining at a restaurant. Roof boxes hide what their contents and usually include a locking mechanism to help secure them while thwarting potential theft.

Kayak Racks

Car roof racks also enable you to carry recreational equipment, like kayaks and canoes, that can fit in the back of a station wagon, an SUV, or a van. Unless you’re investing in an RV or a camper van, carrying them with the help of roof racks has grown in popularity in recent years.

Kayaks are light and about the same length as most cars and SUVs. Their light weight and length make them ideal for securing to car roof racks. Their shape also makes them aerodynamic, and you don't have to worry about the rain or other elements when you have them mounted with the bottom side up. You even can carry two or maybe three kayaks by securing a kayak carrier to the roof rack and strapping them securely in place with a pair of tie-downs. This ensures they are securely fastened for a trip of any length.


If you live near the ocean, car roof racks enable you to carry surfboards to your favorite spots. The racks make it very easy to place one or more surfboards on top and strap them in place quickly and easily. Just like kayaks, they are aerodynamic and very light, so they will not significantly affect your fuel economy.

It's important to ensure you protect the surfboards while they are en route. You can do that by enclosing them inside a dedicated roof box that hides them from plain sight and protects against debris or minor denting that might occur due to strapping them to the roof rack. You also could install pads on the crossbars that come with most roof racks and place surfboards inside protective soft cases that have zippers to open and close them.

Ski Racks

You might be a big fan of skiing or snowboarding and car roof racks are terrific for carrying both. If you’re heading up to the mountains when the snow conditions are ideal for downhill skiing, a roof rack is a great way to carry your equipment. You can strap them into place easily along with your ski poles so that you have plenty of room inside your vehicle to stay warm in the winter while traveling to your destination. You’ll also have more room for passengers and a small amount of luggage for a weekend ski trip to your favorite ski hills, lakes, or rivers.

You can enjoy the many benefits of car roof racks when you choose to make a nominal investment in buying and installing a roof rack on one or more of your vehicles. You can visit our website to view our selection and learn more about the many benefits of installing a roof rack on your car, SUV, or another vehicle. There are several great uses for a roof rack and you can use yours more sensibly, safely, and securely with the help of some additional products. Be the car to count on for those long road trips! Visit our website today for more information.

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