7 Key Performance Car Parts to Invest In

There are several car components that can significantly enhance the capabilities of your vehicle. They’re terrific investments, especially if you plan to put a lot of work and effort into your prized possession. So, which performance car parts should you prioritize? Learn more about the essential performance-boosting components to invest in by continuing with the rest of this article.

1. Air Intake Systems

First, you should improve your system by getting a new air intake system. The air intake system brings air inside the engine and blends it with your fuel. This system helps get your car moving by assisting with the ignition process.

An air intake system is useful not just for getting your engine into gear. It also ensures that you have complete control over your vehicle's behavior. Without a high-performance system in place, you may struggle to control the car. Invest in new filters and sensors to ensure your air intake system is in prime condition for maximum performance.

2. Fuel Systems

Fuel systems are made up of the fuel tank, pump, filter, and injectors or carburetor, and are responsible for consistently delivering fuel to engines. You need that fuel system to even drive your car out of the garage. An inefficient fuel system can also adversely affect your vehicle's overall performance.

Upgrading your fuel system is a worthwhile use of your spare funds. Take your car to a mechanic for a close inspection and determine which system will help optimize its performance. Repairing damaged fuel system components such as the carburetors and pistons will also keep your vehicle in good working condition longer.

3. Ignition Systems

While an air intake system brings air into the engine, the ignition system utilizes the air and fuel mixture. Ignition systems have evolved significantly in recent years, so it's vital to ensure that what your car has is still up-to-date. Let a mechanic inspect your vehicle to confirm if that's the case, and then take a look at our inventory to find your match. Spark plug wires are among the most commonly upgraded elements of ignition systems.

4. Suspension Systems

Driving should be comfortable, and we have suspension systems to lean on for that. The suspension system installed in your vehicle absorbs the various impacts generated during a car ride. Aside from ensuring you enjoy a smooth drive, the suspension system prevents you from losing control of your vehicle. It keeps your tires on the ground, minimizing any impact that could force your hands off the wheel.

A typical car's suspension system consists of numerous shocks and springs. Over time, the aforementioned performance car parts will sustain damage to wear and tear. Track the condition of your suspension components and replace them if needed to avoid accidents.

5. Transmissions

The transmission system plays a huge role in ensuring your car is safe to drive. It modulates the power produced during ignition and protects your engine. Thanks to the transmission, you can drive your vehicle at nearly whatever speed you desire. If your car's transmission is acting up, you should strongly consider leaving it in the garage.

Given how crucial transmission is to your car, you must make a concerted effort to maintain it. Pay for transmission repairs whenever they’re required. Replace any busted transmission components to avoid a potential crash.

6. Safety Gear

Whether racing professionally or as a hobby, it’s important to make sure that you’re safe on track! There might be certain guidelines given by your team or at the club you’re a part of regarding the safety gear that’s required. This includes helmets, fire extinguishers, racing suits, and head and neck support systems. Make sure that your car is up-to-date before taking it out on the track. The last thing you want is to realize you don’t have the safety gear you need in the middle of a crash.

7. Racing Gear

Finally, you can also purchase performance car parts best suited for racing. Adding these components to your vehicle can help unleash its true potential. After buying and installing these car parts, you'll be the star at the track.

Straight-cut gears are additions that can protect your engine from significant damage even if you regularly drive at high speeds. Regular practice is a must if you're planning to use straight-cut gears. Racing gear oil is another product you should pick up because it minimizes engine damage. Don't forget to buy car seat accessories that will help protect you if an accident occurs.

Upgrades can work wonders for your car's performance, but you must purchase the right components to maximize the return on your investment. Look for the car parts detailed in this article to enhance your vehicle's performance to the level you need. Visit our Performance pages today at Sparktec Motorsports to purchase the new parts you need!

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